Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to you as a user of our services and when you order products from us.

1. Pricing

All prices in the shop are given in SEK and all prices include 25% vat.

We reserve the right to adjust prices based on changes by the distributor, misprints in the price list and/or mistakes in pricing caused by misinformation.

2. Orders

When you have completed your order a confirmation will be sent to your email-address. In the confirmation you will find all details about the ordered products, price in total, billing and shipping address.

Should you find any mistake in the order confirmation we urge you to contact us immediately by email at info@guidedbyposters.com

3. Payment

All payments to GuidedByPosters are made with debit or credit card through our collaboration partner for payments, Braintree.
Specifics regarding which cards are accepted can be found in the shopping cart and the check-out page. Payments are made through a secure connection and your card information is encrypted via SSL.

4. Delivery

All orders will be shipped to you within three working days, and the shipping time thereafter will depend on the applicable forwarding agents shipping time

Orders are delivered to the nearest delivery service point and you will be notified by the delivery agent when your order is available for pick-up.
Should any delays occur in the delivery (without us previously informing you of longer shipping time) you may contact us via email: info@guidedbyposters.com

Shipping fee
The shipping fee is based on the size, weight and delivery country of the order. The total shipping fee including VAT is apparent in the shopping cart and check-out page.

Packages not picked up
Packages not picked up are returned to us. For all returned packages we reserve the right to charge you the amount of the return shipping and handling fee, currently to the amount of 250 SEK.

5. Product information

We make reservations for possible printing errors on this website as well as the closing sale of products. We can not guarantee that the pictures accurately represent the actual product considering a certain shift in color may occur depending on the viewing screen, photo-quality and resolution. We always try our best to show the products as accurately as possible.

6. Reclamation and complaints

We inspect all products before they are shipped to you. Should the product still be damaged or mishandled upon delivery we undertake our responsibility as dictated by applicable consumer protection law to make the proper adjustments free of charge.
You must always contact us for approval before returning a faulty product. The complaint should be sent immediately after the fault has been discovered.

How to proceed with a reclamation

Possible faults and defects should always be reported to info@guidedbyposters.com where you provide your name, address, email, order number and a description of the error.
In case we are unable to provide an equal product we will compensate you for the faulty product in accordance with applicable consumer protection law. In the event of an approved reclamation or complaint we will cover the cost of the return shipping.
We reserve the right to deny a reclamation if the product is shown not to be faulty in accordance with applicable consumer protection law. In appraising any complaints we follow guidelines set by the National Board for Consumer Disputes, see arn.se.

7. Rights of regret

Upon purchasing any products you as a client generally have a statutory right of regret within 14 days after receiving an ordered product.

Our posters are generally produced by order, through a service called print on demand. As this should be viewed as personally produced copies they are excepted from the right of regret, as soon as they have been produced for you.
This means that the statutory right of regret is only applicable upon purchasing products where it is clearly stated that you are ordering an original, or if you regret your purchase before production is started.

Exercising you right of regret

You must always notify us when regretting a purchase at info@guidedbyposters.com . In your message your name, address, email, order number, and which products you wish to return should be clearly stated.
You should immediately and within the statutory 14 days following the notification of regret return the products to us.
You are responsible for the return shipping, delivery and state of the products upon return, all products should therefore be sent well packaged and in its original packaging.
In the reimbursement total we reserve the right to deduct an amount equal to the decrease in value compared to the original product value in case of used or damaged products.

8. 18-year age limit

GuidedByPosters only sell to customers of age. This means that you must be 18 years of age to make a purchase with us - if you are younger, ask a parent or guardian to make the order.

9. Personal data

Upon ordering and/or signing up for our service we save your personal data in a register that only we have access to. We never share your data with any third party without your express permission, except that which is necessary to expedite your order.
You can at any time ask to take part in all data we have saved about you, as well as change or delete some or all of it.

10. Cookies

We use cookies in our service. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer which contains information to help the web shop in identifying and following users. Cookies exist as session cookies and as permanent cookies stored indefinitely on your computer. Upon first visiting our web shop your browser is assigned a unique session cookie used to separate you from other users. In order to use the web shop you should allow cookies in your browser. This type of cookie is solely used to provide you as a user with a better experience and service, and does not store any personal data about you. Cookies can be deleted. In this web shop cookies are used to keep check of your shopping cart, settings, and which pages you visit among other things in order to provide you with a better customer experience and service.

11. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to at any time make changes to our terms and conditions. All adjustments will be published on the website. The changed terms and conditions are considered accepted upon purchase or visit to the website.

12. Disputes

In the event of a dispute which cannot be amicably resolved between the company's customer service and the client, you as a consumer can turn to the National Board for Consumer Disputes, see arn.se.
In case of a dispute vi follow decisions made by ARN or corresponding dispute resolution body. Disputes regarding the interpretation och application of these terms and conditions will be resolved in accordance with swedish law.

13. About GuidedByPosters

GuidedByPosters is based in Stockholm and is a part of Gosub Advisory AB.

Gosub Advisory AB
Magnus Ladulåsgatan 21
118 65 Stockholm

Org.no: 559124-7977

Should you wish to contact us please email info@guidedbyposters.com with the matter and your contact information, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.