Weld Company 2018

2018-12-07 - 2018-12-09
Norrtullsgatan 7, Stockholm



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Again? What now?
Yvonne Rainer + Weld Company

The legendary choreographer, dancer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer is this fall moving from a big retrospective about Judson Dance Theater at MoMa in New York to Weld in Stockholm to create a new piece for Weld Company entitled Again? What now ?.

Yvonne Rainer’s “Again? What now?”  is a new work for Weld Company and is an amalgam of  “old” dance excerpts and more recent ideas, including spoken texts, music, and movement configurations. You might call the piece “YR’s Best Bits.”  The actual title can also be read as a cry of desperation and protest in response to the fraught state of the world, and more specifically, the current calamitous social and political situation in the United States.

In a career-long concern with integrating and separating the influences of dance history and current events, Rainer’s work — from dance to film and back to choreography — reflects these sometimes irreconcilable poles of the aesthetic and the social.  Ever hopeful, she begins again.

Choreography Yvonne Rainer
Indispensable choreographic assistent Pat Catterson
Light and costume design Yvonne Rainer

Performed by: Andrea Svensson, Noah Hellwig, Anna Westberg, Sybrig Dokter, Marie Fahlin, Robin Dingemans, Max Wallmeier, Kajsa Sandström, Per Sacklén.

Frédéric Gies + Weld Company

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