Vera Vinter – Release party

, Wallingatan 32-34, Stockholm




Release party for Vera Vinter’s new album Tiden har börjat om, which will be released on March 1st. Come and celebrate the new album and listen to Vera Vinter live on stage together with the musicians Mikaela Hansson (keys), Mikael Häggström (drums) and Paulina Mellqvist (electric guitar), and buy the poster directly here.
The album single Köld Åt Alla has already been appointed “The best of the week according to Dagens Nyheter” and received attention by “PSL Top 20”, “GAFFA”, P3 and spins on the Spotify playlists. “A true narrator” wrote DN’s reviewer when Vera Winter solo debuted on Sony Music with her music that builds on one long text-based tradition in Swedish rock, pop and songs where artists such as Eva Dahlgren and Thåström have gone before.

Vera Vinter’s third album The time has begun about is recorded together with the producer Johannes Berglund.The album “Tiden har börjat om” consists of ten songs that together with “Monsterland” (2016) and “Idyll” (2012) constitute a triptych over a girl’s childhood, adolescence and later migration from the countryside to the big city. If the city often stands for “the realization of the big dreams” in the world of film and literature, Vera Vinter tells us about a not completely uncomplicated environmental change where moving means distance, longing and a broken contact with nature.

Vera Vinter’s third album Tiden har börjat om is recorded together with the producer Johannes Berglund.

Free entrance.