Us – Club Platylus

, Wallingatan 32-34, Stockholm




Club Platypus invites you to enjoy beautiful, cinematic, electronic pop when the band Us takes the stage in the Scalateatern’s basement for their first event of the year. And here you find the poster from the club night!

Us is a Scottish / Swedish duo consisting of Andrew Montgomery and Leo Josefsson. Andrew is the former singer of Geneva, who was quite successful during the Britpop era and shared the record label Nude with Suede, who they also toured with. Leo was previously in the synth bands Lowe and Statemachine and has worked with many big names through his job as a music video director. In 2015 Andrew moved to Sweden and formed Us with Leo. They have released five singles so far, several of them critically acclaimed, and are currently working on their first album.
The rest of the evening, Paul Eade plays a mix of postpunk, indie, electropop, britpop, kraut pop, new wave, mostly British but also a lot of French and German stuff included.

Entrance fee: 100kr
No pre-sale