Vretenborgsvägen 5, Stockholm



Capital Sound System | Big Belly Sound | Meditative Sound | Topaz Sound

Capital Sound System opens the doors to the entire Event House and fits in 4 (four!) fat sound systems. This means that they also have the small “Bunker” downstairs open! Big Belly and Capital with “Långholmen Ekar” now join together for a dance with soundsystems! On the upper floor, CAPITAL SOUND SYSTEM takes turns with MEDITATIVE SOUNDS (Uppsala) and TOPAZ SOUND (Sthlm) to rock the dance floor. Three different sounds with three different vibes – a blissful blend with the heaviest base that can be found in town inna unity style!
BIG BELLY SOUND keeps the bunker sweaty all night and opens up the loading docks at the entrance to create an outdoor vibe too!
Here you can buy the poster as a memory of the night!

BIG BELLY SOUND: Created in 2012 through its outdoor parties, which became a popular feature of reggae-Stockholm. Big Belly has had a number of clubs around town in different places and is clearly one of the country’s most active sound systems today. Since 2018, Big Belly has its own sound system and is not afraid to use it.

CAPITAL SOUND SYSTEM: Capital Sound System is like the name hints a Stockholm-based sound that was started by three friends who have a common interest in reggae and sound system culture in all its forms. Everyone has a past in Stockholm’s club and reggae scene with both previous sound systems, radio shows and parties. Late in 2017, the forces gathered and Capital Sound System was created with the goal of adding something that to some extent was lacking in the capital – a heavy sound experience, nice dances and one and another exciting booking.

MEDITATIVE SOUNDS: From Uppsala, these Swedish sound system pioneers will come. Since 1998, they have delivered roots & culture with a selection ranging from 70’s to today’s modern roots. From Jamaica to UK. Strictly music with a conscious and positive message! Many artists and sounds have been visiting them in Uppsala, and some of their own productions have been released over the years. We look forward to having them as guests with us on their own sound system and welcome them!

TOPAZ SOUND:Topaz Sound has played together since the late 90’s in various constellations. In addition to running a label, Topaz has arranged many clubs in Stockholm, played at festivals and of course competed in Soundclash both in Sweden and on the continent. The Sound System itself is a natural part of reggae and dancehall culture and thus of Topaz.

Besides the club being able to guarantee an incredible music experience this evening, you support the independent Sounds / clubs who are really passionate about music.
ALL entrance fees go to pay the party and then to the various crews. Support the culture!

(T) Midsommarkransen
Open 22-05
120 SEK pre-sale / 150 SEK at the door (CASH IS QUEEN)
Age: 20 (ID)