Theresa Traore Dahlberg

2019-02-02 - 2019-03-24
Lövholmsbrinken 1, Liljeholmen




Beckers Art Award exhibition 2019: Theresa Traore Dahlberg
The 32nd Beckers Art Award – a grant of 200 000 SEK – will 2019 be awarded to the artist Theresa Traore Dahlberg, born 1983. She has studied at the New School, in New York, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

Beckers Art Award was established in 1987 and has since then proven to have a remarkable ability to identify young talent on the brink of a breakthrough in their careers. The winner is awarded a grant of 200 000 SEK, and a solo exhibition that has, since 2001, been arranged and held in collaboration with Färgfabriken.

Fromt the Jury’s statement by Magnus Jensner:
“Filmmaker and artist Theresa Traore Dahlberg depict themes like courage, power structures, colonialism and feminism: the complexity of being human in a post-colonial world. She explores the possibilities for alternative views based on both the composition of the group and the specific situation of the individual. She approaches the people she portrays with great respect, and her work is characterized by intimacy, humour and a strong visual storytelling.”

Photo: Olof Grind