2017-08-18 - 2017-09-03
Hornstulls strand 15-17, Stockholm




In her job as a guard on the Öresund train Saga is confronted with the young and outspoken traveler Elli who refuse to get off at the terminus. When Sagas man Josef steps on, Elli soon understands that the couple lost her child in a drowning accident. Or was it an accident?

The death of the child has distant Saga from Joseph and Elli end up in this relationship drama. The journey across to Sweden puts secrets in the light and forces the three to meet their own and each other’s borders. The script for Skuldsanering was written by the dramatist Martin Bengtsson, and the acclaimed star, Rojda Sekersöz directs the play. In the roles we meet Julia Marko-Nord, Kristofer Kamiyasu and Isabella Touma Pettersson.

The music is composed by Kristian Anttila.