Here you find the poster from the play Revolution at Teater Brunnsgatan Fyra.

Everyone wants to do good. But what happens when the will to do good breaks?
Hêlîn wants her holiday home to stay open longer, and believes that a meeting with some politicians can lead there. But what would be an opportunity to lift her little insignificant question turns into a world of intrigue, hopes and despair. The limits of democracy are explored and put to an end. More is at stake than Hêlîn could ever have imagined. Revolution is a humorous, drastic and musical depiction of a youth federation in the midst of the crisis.

“Revolution is the result of utopian visions, political depression, and a huge knot of satire and sarcasm. I wanted to describe what it could mean to be a firefighter and all the risks that come with it. “- Kawa Zolfagary, dramatist.

Premiere: November 7, 2018
By: Kawa Zolfagary
Direction: Figge Norling
With: Stran Çetin, Happy Jankell, Jesper Adefelt and Figge Norling
Play time: An hour, no break