Projekt: Mamma

2019-02-25 - 2019-09-11
Östgötagatan 2, Stockholm

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Projekt: Mamma is a concentrate of a time. An exploratory, playful, genre-crossing and documentary theatre performance about memories, forgetfulness and the stories that make up a life. Projekt: Mamma examines Alexandra through her grandmother’s diaries an amazing story from her own childhood. A story that turns out to be full of peaks and valleys, of secrets, humor, different places, life-lies, longing, family, reconciliation, transience, and true love.Here you can order the poster from the show!

“Alexandra Zetterberg’s fantastic performance is about something as unusual as two women, two mothers, who both love their child but at the same time have a longing for freedom. A longing that repeatedly causes the little child to get caught up, neglected by the adults’ own needs. Still, it is far from a bitter deal about the mother’s betrayal, on the contrary, there is love and understanding side by side with the grief over being abandoned. It is magnificent, touching and full of warmth and humor. ” Maria Sveland

By and with: Alexandra Zetterberg Ehn
Producer Ö2: Teresia Pettersson