Patrik Qvist – The Hanged Man

2018-11-10 - 2018-12-02
Smålandsgatan 7, Stockholm




The Hanged Man by Patrik Qvist is a site-specific exhibition consisting of a collection of objects based on a sense of vertigo before the world with a newly composed music work by Jan Liljekvist.

Patrik Qvist is a visual artist with architectural education; He works in parallel with various projects in the border between public space – the urban – and the more intimate gallery context. Qvist’s artistic tone is contradictory, dangling, painful and poeticly cruel.

Right to asylum. Climate. Environment. Politics and gender equality. The private and the public space. When the words are stuck in the throat. When the voice is hard and the tone is tightened; when transparency is clouded in favor of growth, when the values break and the unforgivable becomes commonplace, are some of the issues pervading Patrik Qvist’s artistry.

In the exhibition The Hanged Man, Patrik Qvist has taken a number of reflexive reactions and processed them with the material that first gave rise to them: advertising posters with their requests; the demonstration poster with its parols, pallets with its accumulated motion energy, debt and credit symbols, and formulations repeated in absurd. To create alternative strategies and approaches to the world, to make vertigo and drowsiness bearable and perhaps even pleasant.

“My work is a form of spells: variations on quiero, puedo y lo hago (I want, I can and I do) with thumb and index finger forming a circle. It’s a way to create temporary respite. To know the problems with climate, environment and an increasingly inhuman policy but not responding to them is no longer an option. ” says Patrik Qvist about the exhibition.

Text by Celia Prado, curator, artistic leader SKF.