Nationalboken – release

Birger Jarlsgatan 32, Stockholm



Stockholm release of the book “Nationalboken – den enda sanna skrönan om Nationalteatern” by Lars Jacob Jakobsson and Peter Wahlqvist with reading, small orchestra and possibly a poster / photo exhibition.
The event begins at 16:00.

Many people know the Nationalteatern through their records and the Nationalteatern Rock Orchestra, who has been traveling in the country for almost thirty years. In this way our music and texts have reached new generations and new groups. For example, the song “Livet är en fest” is popular in all social groups. This book tells us about the origin of music in performances and about the time when they came to. This is a book about Nationalteatern as a theater in an exciting seventies. It’s not a book about the cover band Rockorkestern.

This is a tall tale. Thus, thoughtful, amazing, incredible (popular and humorous) story with often strong burlesque elements, ship history; sometimes even exaggerated or lying task, lie. Says the Swedish Academy. A tall tale is a personal story with appropriate exaggerations, which reinforce the story. A tall tale can often be untrue, but it is told to be entertaining. Knows Wikipedia. Synonyms for tall tale: history of lies, lying history, myth, poem, poetry, ship history, robbery, trekking, bluff, arc, fairy tale. Sometimes tall tales may be told because someone wanted to hide an unpleasant truth or to adore a boring reality.