Monopol 2019

2019-04-11 - 2019-04-14
Djurgårdsvägen 38-40, Stockholm



Monopol 2019 is a collaboration between the galleries Elastic Gallery, Johan Berggren Gallery and Belenius, who curate the group show together, exhibiting both the artists they represent alongside invited international artists. Monopol takes generosity as a point of departure and the exhibition grows from a close dialogue. The exhibition has a free entrance all days and all are welcome to visit Spritmuseum and view works from many generations and countries.

Dick Hedlund (SE)
Oskar Korsár (SE)
Jone Kvie (NO)
Maria Lassnig (AT)
Jeanette Mundt (US)
Tobias Pils (AT)
Bunny Rogers (US)
Magnus Thierfelder (SE)
Charlotte Walentin (SE)
Ulla Wiggen (SE)
Michael Williams (US)