Ludvig Daae, Joanna Nordahl – The Viral Dance

2019-04-10 - 2019-04-11
Slupskjulsvägen 30, Stockholm




“The utopian ideal of the internet—unregulated access to information, pure connectivity—now feels antiquated. Also antiquated: trying to determine if the internet is simply good or bad. Possible and necessary: thinking more deeply about how it’s rewiring our brains and warping our experience of time, about the vistas of reality it’s revealing and creating, and what to do with our positions therein, so that we do not go mad from it all nor flee altogether.”

Tavi Gevinson, fashion blogger, writer and actress

How does it affect us to be constantly available, observed, scored and compared online? What happens to our self image when our virtual self becomes more beautiful, successful and interesting than our offline self? Meanwhile, can the concept of having the world at our fingertips give us the feeling of power, self-worth and control?

With The Viral Dance creative duo Daae/Nordahl, (Norwegian choreographer Ludvig Daae and Swedish director and visual artist Joanna Nordahl) focus on what internet and technology does to our view of the world and of ourselves.

By blurring the lines between live and recorded, between film and dance on stage, The Viral Dance shines a light on the complexity of the near future where our lives online and offline will melt into one singular onlife. How important (or replaceable) are our physical bodies when our digital presence is the primary communication tool?

The Viral Dance is mainly a stage production, but also an online vlog, an installation performance and a series of dance workshops.