Julius Caesar

2018-09-28 - 2018-11-08
Katarina Bangata 77, Stockholm




Fear is on Rome’s streets. The old republic is the hub of dictatorship. The man who has forced this event development is the skilled populist Julius Caesar. Caesar is loved by the people, but in his immediate circle he is suspicious of his intentions. Is he a dictator in the future? A group of idealists in his presence are preparing to overthrow the potential tyrant whose form casts a long shadow of their democratic ideals.

The goal is revolution – better die upright than live on your knees!

Kristofer Stone’s set of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” is an emotional performance characterized by revolution, dark humor and beautiful costumes designed by Behnaz Aram. It is a magnificent, scenic world, toned by black metal and dark ambient, inspired by the Lord of the Flies.

Kristofer Steen is known as guitarist in the influential band Refused and made a premiere as “La Bohéme” Director at Norrlandsoperan 2012. He has also directed Rigoletto at the Norrland Opera and “L’Orfeo” at the Wermland Opera.