Julia Strzalek Kolibri release concert

Birger Jarlsgatan 32, Stockholm




Julia Strzalek has gathered her favorite musicians in the megaproject KOLIBRI. All music on this double disc is composed by Julia Strzalek for the thirteen-man orchestra KOLIBRI 13 and the sextet Kolibri 6. With a wide sound palette where the band’s instrumental range ranges from bass and brass band groove, wooden blow provisions to popular string hanger, Julia has created a dynamic, humorous and lively sound world to dive into!

KOLIBRI is Julia Strzalek’s debut album, a late debut given that in recent years she has played around the country with musicians from the Swedish jazz elite like Per “Texas” Johansson, Torbjörn Zetterberg, Mats Äleklint and Mattias Ståhl. With her big tone and her flowing melodic mind, Julia Strzalek’s music spreads joy and need to hear more!

The double disc will be released on Havtorn Records on October 28, 2016. The music is mixed and masted by Erik Metall & August Wanngren. The graphics are made by Tora Kirchmaier.

Release Concert with 2 sets !!

Entrance 80: –


Line up on double cd “JULIA STRZALEK KOLIBRI”:

Kolibri 6
Julia Strzalek alto saxophone, clarinet
Niklas Barnö trumpet
Cat Hernandez violin
Johan Graden piano
Vilhelm Bromander bass
Konrad Agna’s drums

Kolibri 13
Julia Strzalek alto saxophone
Karoline Wallace voice
Niklas Barnö trumpet
Oscar Bårman Clarinet
Lisa Grotherus Bass Clarinet
Anton Svanberg tuba
Sara Parkman violin
Emma Augustsson cello
Love Meyerson vibraphone
Kasper Agnas guitar
Johan Graden piano
Emil Skogh bass
Konrad Agna’s drums