2018-11-30 - 2019-01-19
Blekingegatan 22, Stockholm




Eight people are stuck in a room. The door is locked. Time and time again they’re forced to account for their terrible crimes. But despite everything being brought to light it seems like something is missing. Never are their confessions enough and the key line that would eventually get them out is never spoken. Or is it? Maybe it will work this time, maybe the door will open in the end?

Järnbörd was written in 1989 for the graduating class at Göteborgs Teaterhögskola, but the students refused to stage it. The language was too vulgar, the actions too cruel. The first ever performance was instead at Göteborgs Stadsteater and stirred a big commotion about the detailed descriptions of assault and violence.

Amanda Nygren
Felicia Hamlin
Felix Hägg
Henny Åman
Isak Elwin
Katarina Rietz
Simon Edman
Viggo Løyche

Stage-management, scenography and costume:
Jacob Hellichius