In Search of Lost Time

2019-03-21 - 2019-04-17
Katarina Bangata 77, Stockholm




Orionteatern is now embarking on the insane task of dramatizing the novel In Search of Lost Time and its seven parts to a stage monologue. A 4,000-page attempt to put words into everything in the existence that really can’t be put into words. It’s about the time, the rooms, the memories, the consciousness and the senses. And also about love, death, happiness, honor, politics and war. But most of all it’s about what it means to be alive and about taking on more than you can cope with.
A liberation tale, a sonata, a dream, an awakening, a Gothic cathedral, a delightful dress, a modernity machine, a metaphysical lecture, a hornet, a jealousy of a jealousy, a sexual aphorism, a mind map, a mindfulness exercise, an anti-mindfulness exercise, a toilet doodle, a spy shaker, a chronological suspension, an antidote to rationality and measurability, a re-enchantment of the world and a praise of the sensuality.

Welcome to an untimely, uninterrupted, non-interactive and high-brow performing arts experience that will change your perception of reality.

By: Marcel Proust
Read by: Nina Jeppsson and Maja Salomonsson
Script & Concept: Maja Salomonsson & Nina Jeppsson
With: Nina Jeppsson
Director: Maja Salomonsson
Scenography: Mats Sahlström
Composition: Kent Olofsson
Choreography: Andriana Seecker
Costume: Johanna Mårtensson
Mask design: Linda Sandberg
Light design: Raimo Nyman
Photo: Per Kristiansen