Hanna Ljungh – Anatomy of a descent


Anna Bohman Gallery is pleased to start off the spring season with Hanna Ljungh’s third solo show at the gallery, Anatomy of a descent. Here you can order the exhibition poster. Hanna Ljungh continues to investigate the relationship between human and mountain, between the organic and the inorganic. Ljungh has made a new series of sculptures, screen prints and installations, where the materials used come from some of Sweden’s largest mining areas. Ljungh presents these sought-after minerals that are taken from the ground and yet simultaneously vital components of the human anatomy.

In the series Curiosity Cabinets: “You, me, rock, mountain: commodities of the quantified universe” Ljungh compares the exact quantification in the mining industries with that of today’s obsession with health and bodily performance that has culminated in”the Quantified Self Movement”. The screen prints made with magnetite pigment generate an eerie sensation of being perishable. The infrastructure of digitalisation and our dependence upon it is embodied in a sculpture made of copper wire that is reminiscent of the human cardio vascular system. A sense of fragility and affinity stems from the new works, like echoes from another geological epoch, they remind the observer of what, in the present, unite us with another materiality.

Hanna Ljungh has for some time dedicated her art practice to the matter we describe as land, soil, stone and mountain. Her work reflects upon and questions the fine line between what we call human and non-human forms of existence and the complex relations between them. Her nearly 6-hour long film “I am mountain, to measure impermanence” (2016) depicting the melting ice cap of Sweden’s highest mountain got wide recognition in Sweden and internationally.

Hanna Ljungh (B.1974) works with film, photography, sculpture and installation. She lives and works in Stockholm. Ljungh has an education from Parsons School of Design, New York and Konstfack in Stockholm. Recently her work has been shown at: Kunsthall Trondheim, Norway, Gävle Konstcentrum, Hippolyte Studio and HIAP in Helsinki, The Swedish Cultural Institute in Paris, Pohang Museum of Steel Art i South Korea and Kumho Museum of Art i Soeul, South Korea, Virserums Konsthall and other venues.