2019-04-08 - 2019-06-09
Slupskjulsvägen 30-32, Stockholm




Teater Galeasen gives a new, long-awaited play period of the critically acclaimed and award-winning set play HAMLET. Jens Ohlin and Hannes Meidal have completely renovated the quite archetypal play and received SvD’s Thalia Prize for their new interpretation. The premiere took place at Teater Galeasen on March 7, 2017 and Galeasen then played for sold out houses all spring. The performance was also awarded the Swedish Theatre Critics’ Association’s theatre prize.
The set was filmed and screened at Folkets Hus och Parker’s cinemas across the country in the autumn of 2017, as well as on SVT and on SVTPlay. The film version will be shown again during the Performing Arts Biennale 2019, which will be arranged at the end of May in the cities Sundsvall and Härnösand. Galeasen’s HAMLET is thus one of the selected productions that form the biennial program.
The constellation Ohlin / Meidal started their collaboration at Galeasen already in 2006 in the productions “Kafka” and “Den bergtagna”, co-produced with Strindberg’s Intima Theatre. They work in their own tradition with new interpretations of classical works, eg. Strindberg and Schiller. Most recently, the duo made “Faust” which was played at the Dramaten in the autumn of 2018.

“Oh, my God! There you are! You live! I had such a terrible dream. My uncle Claudius was suddenly released from the basement hole where he was sitting prisoner. I dreamed that my uncle stood in the tower and threw my father to the abyss. I dreamed that my father was dead, and Claudius took over the throne of the kingdom, to the people’s rejoicing. I dreamed that, when I got the message, I collapsed and was buried within in myself, paralyzed by horrible, nameless fear. I dreamed that I slept for a thousand years but I did not find rest in my sleep. I searched for you, I screamed: where is she? You must wake me up, I must know that she is still here, that nothing evil has happened. And then you came and put your hand in my .”

“Who doesn’t love Hamlet? Who doesn’t want to be in his vicinity? Imagine if I was like him: a man who formulates wise thoughts and theories, experiences his life with wrinkled forehead, his nose deeply buried in difficult books, engaged in issues that fly high above the reality we mortals have been set to live in.”

By: Jens Ohlin / Hannes Meidal
Director: Jens Ohlin
With: Hannes Meidal, Cecilia Nilsson, Per Sandberg, Yngve Dahlberg, Otto Hargne, Simon Reithner / Jonathan Rodriguez / Jens Ohlin, Agatha Bergman Blücher / Gerda Englund / Naima Josefsson
Rooms: Joakim Bayoumi Karlsson / Jens Ohlin
Light: Linus Fellbom
Costume: Matilda Hyttsten
Mask: Ulrika Ritter
Supplies: Yvonne Brax Kjellström
Music: Foad Arbabi
Sound design: Anette Tarstad
Set Designer: Kaj Primus
Poster and press photo: Mats Bäcker
Portrait photo: Cato Lein
Designer: Jan Larsson
Director assistant: Anna-Lo Fjellström / Agnes Norlin
Suffler: Embla Hane
Stage master: Fabian Grytt
Producer: Isabelle Björklund, Joakim Bayoumi Karlsson
Theater Manager: Sophia Artin

In collaboration with Dramaten.