From Now One

2018-08-16 - 2018-08-22
Humlegårdsgatan 14




From that very moment nothing was like before.

Some events seem to overthrow the world around us and change our perspectives like when a child is born or someone dies. Other events are less evident or evoked through initiation to make us see things differently. These often short-lived experiences can act as catalysts in changing set beliefs and perceptions, leading us to other ways of seeing. Sometimes such moments allow seemingly polarizing images to coexist or conflicting images to become one, like life and death can be seen to be different sides of the same coin.

The exhibition From Now One shows a series of paintings by Fanitza Ignea which acknowledges those moments where certain circumstances affect our way of being in a profound way, consciously or unconsciously. In his paintings figurative landscapes are treated in symbolic and metaphysical ways, mediating a sensitivity where nature surroundings becomes means to release and reflect inner aspects. In this exhibition, the idea of the inner is exaggerated by the seemingly hidden exhibition space, like a chamber the gallery is situated between two city restaurants in Stockholm.

In his paintings, Ignea juxtaposes the organic with the fabricated in carefully balanced compositions layered in unsaturated colors which simultaneously speaks comforting and threatening words. Abstract and fantasy elements blends into views of everyday life. Like a child during night interpreting silhouettes of shadows into new shapes – Ignea’s work reminds us of our intuitive qualities, the ability to replace and create new images from existing ones.

The tree is a recurrent figure in the artist´s imagery less as a representative symbol of nature as such, rather it is a way to visualize an esoteric chart where a dialog between extremes take place. From the tree grows emotions, values and perceptions branching out in different directions but still stemming from the same root. Fanitza Ignea has a spiritualized view of the world resonating with contemporary questions of of existence and consciousness. This series of works points to circular orientations in various forms of being where contrasting events in life are seen as parts of the same transformation.

From Now One is a self-initiated exhibition at Hillenberg gallery space. The show is organized together with curator Sara Rossling.