Erik Valentin Berg – Unfortunate Desires

2019-03-06 - 2019-03-09
Slupskjulsvägen 30, Stockholm




In Unfortunate Desires, Erik Valentin Berg offers the world of our dreams, where all the bad guys are gone and the technologies of political self-design are available to everybody left over, even to the closeted machos.

Take a seat in our theatre and watch soft, postmodern men in full effect. Not “hurt” and “white”, but vulnerable and shining instead. Attack and he will open up, scream at him and he will listen, point out our privileges and we will hand them over, right to you into the auditorium. You are now facing the new-male performer using compliance and attentiveness as silencing weapons.

You are invited to feel the comfort of self-assured identities presenting you the latest advancements in non-toxic masculinity in a streamlined format, with remarkable resemblance of a popular lecture format on the internet. Get saturated by our contact with our emotions as we blow the whistle on ourselves, in a private feminist self enhance.

Concept and Choreography: Erik Valentin Berg.
Music: Mats Erlandsson.
Performance: Alberto Franceschini.
Lights: Anton Andersson.
Production: Sara Bergsmark/MDT.
Technicians: Björn Kuajara, Katti Alm.