Elina Pirinen Brume de Mer

2018-08-29 - 2018-08-30
Slupskjulsvägen 30, Stockholm




”The forest falls in their ears and their mouths drown into colors.
They go to the wet mountains, kind gods, evil flowers.”

Brume de Mer is a physical and vocal sonata painted by Elina Pirinen and her workgroup. It consists of the sheer volume produced by the combined abstraction of psycho-neurologically rich and emotional ring dance, a lyrical field sung in a peculiar manner, scents, intoxicating visions of duration and organ music that accumulates in the soul.

Brume de Mer fumbles for, deforms and reforms new expressions for desire, obsession, mutism, killing and intuition. The sonant stage consist of a tremendous organ composition, made by the working group, and of Sonata no. 2 for Organ by Russian composer Viktor Suslin, which is featured within the new composition.

The performance is a self-standing instalment of Pirinen’s series of works based on Russian compositions. For the artists of the workgroup, Brume de Mer is a delightful and novel comeback.

The poster is partly made by hand and is an original poster that is only available in one copy in this particular version.