Early drawings by SLAS

2014-10-09 - 2014-11-30
Birger Jarlsgatan 32, Stockholm




Rönnells presents an exhibition of early drawings by Stig “Slas” Claesson, at Snickarbacken 7. Some 30 early works, all for sale!

Opening Thursday 9 October at 17-19. Welcome!

“When the author and Stockholm scholar Per-Anders Fogelström (also known as the signature “Paff “) passed away in 1998, hundreds of drawings were found by Stig Claesson in his attic. The drawings were sometimes signed with Stig Claesson, sometimes with the signature Slas, or lacked signature. What combined the drawings was that there were small notes in pencil on the back of them or in the margin. It can say 35% or 40%, sometimes it says FIB. The notes were instructions for the printing company’s reproduction department and FIB means Folket i Bild, the magazine where Per Anders Fogelström was the editor for many years. The drawings in the attic were thus art or illustrations, often to the newspapers of the trade unions. ” /…/

“These drawings are also examples of how Stig lived when he entered as an eighteen year old at the art academy, Mejan, at a time when there were no student loans and a young man from the working class had to get an income. Stig sold drawings, went around to the papaers and sold art. The illustration or the applied art drawings are thus also a class question. For it has always been considered a little bit lower to work with illustrations than with the great art. ” – – – Nils Claesson