Det Nya Riket

2018-11-28 - 2018-12-29
Katarina Bangata 77, Stockholm




Det Nya Riket is a puppet theatre show for adults based on documentary material, where fifteen dolls and three puppeteers bring our paradoxic era to live. Through boxing training and citizen meetings, telephone conversations and family dinners, therapy sessions and interviews, we get to meet a plump gallery of people from geographically, socially and economically different parts of Sweden. The author herself, Tove, is part of this group.
Equipped with notepad, pencil and a hidden microphone, she becomes a witness to the effects of the forcse of globalization and conflicts that appear directly outside her door. It is up to everyone to take a stand, act, save the world or save himself.

Det Nya Riket is an artistic collaboration between Malmö Dockteater, Lumor and Folketatern Gävleborg.

Lumor is a free theater group from Stockholm, which in recent years has profiled itself as one of the country’s most interesting producers of newly written contemporary drama.

Malmö Dockteater is Sweden’s first and only puppet theater dedicated exclusively to an adult audience. The theater was founded in 2014 by the award-winning director Erik Holmström.

Script: Tove Olsson
Direction and scenography: Erik Holmström
Light: Olivia Grefve
Puppet maker: Jenny Bjärkstedt
Actors: Jonathan Rodriguez, Martin Pareto, Tove Olsson