2019-04-05 - 2019-04-27
Högbergsgatan 38, Stockholm




The art exhibition Crumb at CRUM Heaven is opening Friday April 5th 17-20.
Crumbs are the residue of another form, the traces of past actions, or evidence of an activity. Often small, and numerous, they can help to remember paths, or become the gathering dust of forgotten, unused spaces. They suggest an absence, and a passing of time.
By slipping a silent ‘B’ on the end of the word, Crum becomes Crumb, an exhibition that gathers a collection of works by artists whose materials, processes or imagery bring to mind small fragments or crumbling, fragile structures: what is left over, or left behind, in the act of powering forward through life; the detritus of living.
Including such matter as clay, hair trimmings, pigments made from materials collected on urban walks, charcoal, leftover samples from a dissolved library collection, and found objects, the list of materials are diverse and eccentric, reflecting on our lived environments and daily activities. Crumbs of human presence that can no longer be swept under the rug.

Open Saturdays 12-16

Presenting works by
Olle Helin
Maria Hilmersson-Landgren
Jenny Norberg
Mattias Pettersson
Oli Svenblad
Jesper Vesterlund
Florence Wild
Alva Willemark

Curated by Aleksandrs Abens, Joran Stamatakakos and Florence Wild