Bob Hansson


Bob Hansson – one of Sweden’s most beloved poets – tours with his very own inspirational-stand-up performance about latte whispers and the art of loving life: can not we be nice now too late we actually die

With the new book “Tankar för dagen – manual för ett snällare liv” (Thoughts for the day – a manual for a more lively life), he may answer some of life’s major questions.
For example: Why does a child laugh about 400 times a day but an adult only 15? Why is one of the most common lies “I feel good” and burnout the most common disease in the world’s healthiest country? Why are latte whispers dangerous? Why did Darwin talk so much about love? Why does Bob Hansson hold his stomach when he appears? Why are we so skilled in the art to saw ourselves? Why do we sometimes act as if it were forbidden to be human? And why are so many dentists named Dennis?

A show when everything can go wrong in a world that does just that, but still succeeds in being incomprehensibly beautiful several times a day.

With his energy, wisdom and rich comedy, Bob Hansson is a rare wise and changing injection in the land of lagom.