Att vattna en blomma


Att vattna en blomma – Watering a flower – is a very very difficult thing, not at all as simple as one might think. Otto knows that. He knows that it is about the flower’s leaf size and the humidity in the room, about the honey tone in Laphroaig 10, about Japanese salary men who work in offices and about the feeling of falling through the air.

A monologue performance that takes place in an apartment in Stockholm during an evening. Not in Malmö or Gothenburg or Umeå or in any other city, but exactly in Stockholm even if it is never mentioned in the play.

Att vattna en blomma – Watering a flower – is a guest play at Teater Brunnsgatan Fyra.

Premiere: June 12, 2019
Director & Script: Balder Ljunggren
With: Victor Poturaj
Music: Ready Keller
Scenography: Svante Ramberg
Choreography: Andreas Haglund
Playtime: about 50 minutes, without break