2019-02-02 - 2019-04-30
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm




How small can Alice get? And how big? The story of Alice who falls into a rabbit hole by Lewis Carroll is a classic that has been countless times interpreted as theatre, dance and movies in big and lavish sets. In the Marionetteater’s version directed by Helena Nilsson, the format is small, but the imagination is great.

In this specially written version for puppet theatre by Margareta Sörenson, a story is created for the children of our time. A brutal, fun and thoughtful story of becoming an adult. When the enigmatic story is performed at the Marionetteater, it becomes a portrayal of the child’s growing, the importance of asserting her identity and breaking with the adult world rules.

Everything told in a beautiful borderland between reality and imagination.

Magnus Erenius
Ida Steén

By Margareta Sörenson
Following the original story by Lewis Carroll
Director Helena Nilsson
Scenography and costume Märta Fallenius
Light Olle Axén
Music Mikael Svanevik
Puppets Kay Tinbäck Du Rées