1917 – När klockorna stannade

Teater Albatross does a guest play at Aliasteatern with the play “1917 – När klockorna stannade”. About the Russian Revolution! About dreams of a better world!
Perhaps the greatest dream of freedom humanity ever had was the time of the Russian Revolution in 1917. Now a fair world would be behind the corner, the humanity would move from the world of necessity to freedom. At all levels, dams loosened: The workers would control the factories, the peasants take over the land, the women would free themselves, the sexuality liberated! The art, rather all art forms, was revolutionized, and the Russian artists came to influence all the art of the world. Then nothing was alike.
In Russia, the researchers say the revolution died, had died, in 1927. Then it was simply “dictatorship” – But in the same way the revolution had been overwhelming with its incredible dreams, the reaction – the Stalin Age – became a nightmare the world had barely seen before.
An incredible story. Which is also mixed with my youth in Gothenburg in the 60s and 70s.
Conversations after the performances:
April 4 dramaist and director Suzanne Osten
April 5 journalist Ulrika Knutson
April 6 journalist Ola Wong at 16
April 6 scenographer Jan Öqvist at 19.
Text and idea: Robert Jakobsson. The ideas have often bounced with Åsa Lieberath, who with her independent art work always influenced the content of the plays I have created with her. To a great extent also here.
Direction: Peter Jägbring and Robert Jakobsson. As far as directing is concerned, one can say that the way we work is trying to get behind the world of ideas, we do not implement ideas, we work with various interesting things, which we think belong to our problem. We often have so much time that things have a tendency to “get in the right place by themselves”. Ideas tend to be simplified, and like to be streamlined. Reality is infinitely complex.
Scenography – art: Åsa Lieberath in collaboration with Belarussian assistant Kirill Diomchev. Håkan Sjöström has also been very important. Final stage stand on small wagon: A replica of Polish artist W. Hasior’s assembly “The Winner”.
Light design: Jesper Berger. Lighting technology also Simon Nekkonen and Oskar Ekstrand.Music: Original music by Peter Jägbring.
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