We have an idea with Guided By Posters

GuidedByPosters combines selected cultural events and organizers with good design and poster art from the streets in a single guide to chosen cities, starting with Stockholm.
We believe in poster design, and we work in direct descent from the poster collectors of last century Paris. We do this through exhibiting and offering posters for local events such as concerts, exhibitions, record releases, and book releases in each city - to name a few. We are creating a brand new market for contemporary posters, and strengthening the value of existing poster art even further.

How do you find out what's going on in your city? You see posters around the city every day without thinking about it. Of course, you're also tipped off by friends and colleagues who've been to some event or other, but how did they find out? As newspapers' digital editions don't show entertainment ads in the same accessible way the print versions did, at the same time as Facebook has stagnated and only shows what they include in your personal filter bubble we're missing an easy way to find current events in theatre, galleries, clubs, museums, and concerts. An overview that is also curated, meaning a quality selection instead of having you trudging through it all.

GuidedByPosters is simply a service that lets you scan through the posters of interesting events, without going all around the city. As apposed to on the streets, you can also filter and search for what you are specifically interested in.

GuidedByPosters, in that respect, is a digital poster board where visitors can stay informed about current events, and organizers can advertise themselves and their events. GuidedByPosters is even more relevant since we are selective both in choosing our organizers, and when it comes to which of their posters we publish. We want to see qualitative and interesting design, in combination with good events and organizers. The poster gets a new contemporary historical value by being spread through GuidedByPosters!

But GuidedByPosters is more than just a guide - we're also a poster shop! Here, visitors can order beautiful posters from events they've been to or are going to, all to hang on their walls at home. In this time of digititalization it almost seems as if our entire identity is becoming digital, and we see fewer and fewer traces of who we are and what we like in our own homes. Instead of mass produced, generic decorations, we're giving the Stockholm audience the possibility of being themselves and personalizing their homes.

”I've bought concert tickets that I want to give away with a poster.”
”I was at this event last month and now I want the poster."
”Remember? We met for the first time at this thing."
”Oops, it's sold out. But I at least want to get the poster."
”I've booked a table at this new restaurant for our anniversary. Say it with a poster.”
”What a great poster! Oh, I don't dare to take it down right here on the street.”
”I always want the hottest new thing in the hallway at home. The poster is the new coffee table book.”

Recognize these statements?

And to join us as an organizer with events and posters here on GuidedByPosters is not only free of charge, we also give kick-back to our organizers for posters sold through our website - something we hope will help strengthen a vulnerable culture sector, or help organizers to create even more quality posters and make it easier for designers to get more work.

So, welcome to Guided By Posters, this is gonna be fun!


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