A place to meet, to eat a meal and have a glass. Thats how Stockholmers have perceived Tranan since 1929 and still do it today, over 80 years later. Tranan has been open seven days a week and has been at the same address, Karlbergsvägen 14, throughout this time. Already in the 1930s, regulars called Tranan for the “club”. Also the fried herring with mashed potatoes have been on the menu since Tranan opened.

Already in the thirties, regulars called Tranan for the “club”. We continue in the same spirit today. Everything from annual music quiz to various gigs and above all, a bar you can always go to drink and eat something good.

At the start of 1929, today’s cellar bar was a fine dining room with soft carpets and a trio with cello, piano and violin that entertained guests with music. The tradition of music in the basement has been kept alive. Among the artists who gave concerts down in Tranan’s bar are Tom Waits, Lloyd Cole, Lyle Lovett, Digital Underground (with a young Tupac Shakur), A Tribe Called Quest, Craig David and A Camp.