Become the children’s voice for the climate!

The biggest threat to the children is climate change. As adults, we feel a moral duty and a strong desire to protect them. They have not contributed to climate change. They also can not limit the damage to them. But we can!

We are dads, mothers, friends, siblings, grandparents, fathers, grandmothers, uncles, grandmothers. In short, the whole so-called parental generation is involved in our call to action, you do not have to have your own children to join us.

We want to give a voice to all who have not yet been born or are still too small to raise their own voices about climate change. We want them to enjoy the world as we did.

We want to see another policy! A policy that can save the children we love from a future with irreversible climate change. Help us become many who show politicians that they all have our support to implement powerful climate policies. Let’s be the wind in the sail of the politicians!