Time for hanging and dress rehearsal!

Well, this is not really the opening night. Right now we're busy hanging posters and rehearsing with you organizers. During the following days and weeks we will be adding an array of selected organizers in art, music, and theatre - among others. As well as opening up category after category of amazing posters and interesting events.

Guided By Posters is based on an idea as simple as it is current. It has always been expensive for  culture organizers to reach their audience through ads. In a time when newspaper editions are failing and there aren't as many places to hang posters anymore the issue is more pressing than ever considering social media isn't exactly free if the goal is widening your audience beyond the already saved. At the same time both tourists and locals in Stockholm are always looking for tips on quality events. And also on what to hang on their walls.

So imagine a digital poster wall where organizers could advertise for free and their audience could find shows, exhibits, concerts, and poster art to decorate their homes!

Because apart from bringing attention to current shows and concerts, the cultural poster is often an art in itself! And we want to help spread the art created by amazing designers, illustrators and photographers within this field.

So, we are now happy to present the Guided By Posters dress rehearsal for the viewing pleasure of any and all interested in reaching an audience, spreading poster art, and for all of you interested in design and culture.
As a visitor, you can naturally order posters from us already!

Do you want to try us out as an organizer?
You are welcome to register immediatly or contact either of us to learn more!


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