Choose a poster and support Rönnells Antikvariat!

We at Guided by Posters have put together a special collection of posters from both older and current events in collaboration with Rönnells Antikvariat.
All proceeds from the sales go to Rönnells in order to support the business's survival.

Rönnells is more than an antiquarian. With its musical, artistic and literary arrangements over the years, Rönnells is an institution that makes space for culture in the margins.
Countless are the writers and publishers with small catalogues that have had readings here. Here we have heard the exciting jazz and art music.

However, over time, it has become increasingly difficult to run the business with rising rents, increased competition and falling prices for antiquarian books.
Rönnell's Antikvariat is run by the employees themselves and is a non-profit business.

Stockholm would be a worse city without Rönnells Antikvariat, and we at Guided By Posters would like to help! When you buy one or more posters from Rönnell's collection below, all profits are transfered to Rönnells Antikvariat.

Choose a memory, order a poster and preserve Rönnell's Antikvariat!

More posters are added as we go along and should you miss a certain poster, feel free to contact us at

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Här beskriver Rönnells själva situationen, och det finns också mer info om hur du kan swisha stöd
direkt till Rönnells Antikvariat:

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